Yes, I’m Still Alive

…And busy! I apologize for my silence the past few weeks. My mind has been spinning since I returned from our last trip.

Besides falling back into my regular routine, our family had a bit of a surprise a few weeks ago. Our cousin, who was to be getting married November 2011, moved his wedding up to November of this year. And we just couldn’t stay home for this wedding. So, we’re off to New York again. We’ve been loony ironing out all the details. But I look forward to it.

Besides that, I am working on a small enterprise to earn some pocket-money (and perhaps a little more–who knows?). My sister and I have to decided to put our knitting and crocheting skills to good use. Our father is funding us, and I hope to get started mid-October. We are thrilled! When I have our account up on Etsy, I will certainly share so that you can see all the work we have done!

But please don’t think I’ve forgotten my blog. I will admit, for a while, I did neglect it. When I did start thinking about it again, I was at a loss as to what to say. Recipe Remedies have eluded me. But I shall try harder, and maybe I shall actually come up with some fall-time goodies!

Thanks a bunch for your patience!


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