Travel, Curious Peoples, and Whatnot

Good afternoon!

*ponders* Hmmm… my title was rather random, but I shall try to compose this post in a not-so-random way.

First things first. You’d probably think I was crazy if I told you that I plan to travel again in 4 days to a place 2,000 miles away, on the SCD, right after my trip to New York.

Well, I am. Travelling, that is. I am travelling again. Being crazy is a matter of opinion.

I shall once again keep a food log for you. This trip I plan to refrain from anything that is not on my diet, except for some gluten-free pretzels I will be taking on the airplane as a precaution. No more wheat pretzels, thank you very much! I did not get sick last time, but I’d rather not take the chance again.

Now, onto my next topic. Curious peoples.

Whether it is about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or about the reason I am on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, I am asked questions, without fail. When I first discovered that I had a gastrointestinal issue, I didn’t want to talk about it at all, but that’s all my mother wanted to talk about. To me, and to other people. I got used to it over time, and so did my closer friends. But new acquaintances and new friends understandably want to know.

I learned to minimize my answers as much as possible. One thing that has continually concerned me is that I would sound like some sort of invalid. My mother gave me a great starting point, which could even possibly stall further questions. “I am on this special diet for my health.”

Some people will leave it at that. Others will press. Still, I try to make my answers simple. “I have Crohn’s. It is a gastrointestinal disorder I control with diet.” Most people won’t ask for more detail than that.

In addition to answering their questions, I make sure to tell them how healthy I am. Not to sound vain, or anything, but to impress upon them that I am not abnormal. I just have a small problem that I can control. Everyone has problems, just not always the stomach kind.

Friends have been greatly surprised when I show up and play freeze tag only days after an episode. “I pictured her in a wheelchair, or something!” This only reinforces my claim that I am a healthy, able person.

How do you answer curious peoples?


5 thoughts on “Travel, Curious Peoples, and Whatnot

  1. I too have had SO many questions over the years. It has slowed down a lot but it used to drive me bananas! My Grandmother was especially curious-bless her heart. She has always worried about me and my ‘diet’. I always try to tell people what I CAN eat so that they don’t think I am on some horrible deprivation diet.

    Hope you have a GREAT trip!! It is hard to travel on a special diet, but planning ahead makes it some easier 🙂

  2. I hope your trip goes well! I too get a lot of questions – especially right now, as I’m evaluating some additional potential GI trigger foods. If I tell people I’m gluten intolerant, though, they get the wrong idea – they equate it to lactose intolerance, and I can have a little bit. If I say celiac disease, though, then it’s like “what’s that?” I do like the simple “I’m on a special diet for my health” thing, and stressing how healthy I am. Good thoughts!

  3. Oh…this is a huge issue. I have been lurking your blog for a bit. I do not have Crohn’s, I have unresolved issues – celiac for (pretty) sure. I have been a celiac for two years, on the diet – no dairy as well – so I know JUST what you are talking about. I find it’s great if people ask for details to sum up a lot of things that I DO eat – makes me sound less deprived, and it’s closer to my reality than just saying I can’t eat this and that, because I never (well…) think about what I can’t eat cause I already know…I think about all the great things I can eat without issue. When people ask how it feels if I do eat gluten I say it’s very similar to the reaction “normal” people would get from eating something poisonous. This is also quite close to the truth, and saves me from outlining the specifics…people always ask during meals, I find, so not appropriate :-).

    Good luck on your trip, and crossing my fingers you’ll be able to stay on the diet for your health 😉

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