Airplanes, Food, and the SCD

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t presented any recipes to y’all lately, it’s because my family and I are preparing for a nine-day trip to New York, to see our extended family.

And we’re going by plane. Ugh.

If that isn’t bad enough, airplanes don’t like the SCD. No, they like to offer pretzels and junk-filled peanuts and Biscotti (*YUM*– 😦 ).  So, I have to bring my own food in order to survive.

About two weeks ahead of time, my mom and I discussed the possibilities. Our first decision was concerning Larabars, which are SCD-legal and oh-so-yummy. They are also filling, which is important when I am taking a long trip.

I also plan to bring some storebought applesauce that I have thoroughly investigated and found SCD-legal. Applesauce is a major staple in my every day life, and the cups are small, so there should be no problem getting them on the plane.

I also decided on some cheesesticks, which we’ve found at our local health food store.

I will prepare a small jar of homemade yogurt, already sweetened with honey (and maybe some berries) to take along.

Lastly, I plan on baking a batch of cookies, so that I don’t pig out on the Larabars right away.

Everything will be stored in a small cooler, which we will substitute for one of our carry-ons.

The last time I travelled with food, I put it through the X-ray machine (ew, but it had to be done). When leaving Texas, a lady called me over and examined my food, making sure things were sealed and questioning me a bit about my homemade yogurt. She let me through after that with no issues. However, when returning from New York, they wouldn’t let me take it. I am still going to try and take it to and from this time around, and if they don’t let me take it on the airplane, I will just eat it right then and there! So there! To put it in my mother’s words, “She’s not going to blow up.”

When I get to New York, my aunt will already have my yogurt ready. We also ordered some snack foods to be sent ahead of us, so everything will be available upon my arrival. We may still have to go shopping, but for little things.

I plan on keeping a food log of my stay in New York, in the hopes that it will inspire y’all for future plane trips. I know how hard it is to go different places on the SCD, but I’m here to show you that it can be done, and safely!

Happy travelling!


8 thoughts on “Airplanes, Food, and the SCD

  1. We love Larabars!! But make sure they are not on the bottom:). Last weekend we took our gf, cf and corn free children to dance at a Higland Festival outside in Arlington. It was about 105! We survived but our Larabars were smashed and melted. But even then they were still yummy!! Have a great trip. Your planning will pay off.

  2. Sounds like you’re well prepared! Good luck getting the yogurt on the plane. I haven’t tried in the past couple years, but oh it would be so nice to have that while flying. Can’t wait to hear what you eat in New York, will you be going out to restaurants or cooking at your Aunt’s?

    • I think I will mostly be eating home-cooked meals. All my relatives have been prepping for my arrival for months now. 😀 I do know that my first night up there I will be eating out at Red Lobster. Yummmmmm…. 😉

  3. Good luck on your trip! Sounds like you’re working through that whole pack-as-much-food-as-you-can thing…always tricky when on a plane!

  4. Sounds like you’re leaning a little heavily on the sweet stuff and could end up with disrupted blood sugar or wind! How about a pot of raw veg, or a boiled egg? I often take some slices of roast meat or chicken with me, a container of nuts and some raw veg – carrots, cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks. You can also make your own Larabars for a fraction of the cost – and much less sugar – they’re about 60% dates!

    x x x

    • Thanks for your advice, Naomi! Larabars don’t have any sugar in them; in fact, they are practically 100 % dates! Being so far away from home, I have to rely on storebought, but my mom and I have discussed making some of these things homemade.

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