LARABAR, anyone? Oooh, Yes…

My week was booked with homework and housework, so I am sorry to say that I do not have a recipe for y’all. While this makes me sad, I am taking this opportunity to rave about one of my store-bought, SCD-legal snack foods.

I discovered Larabars when I was in town, having nothing to eat and feeling pretty desperate. Home was 45 minutes away, so I couldn’t go and come back very easily. I was hesitant to try one, since I’d tried one once and hadn’t particularly liked it. But in the end, I just grabbed a Larabar Apple Pie and headed for the cash register. I was HUNGRY.

Well, it was just about the best thing I’d ever tasted. And it tasted *just* like apple pie. And it was made with all natural ingredients (NO gluten, NO sugar, NO soy, NO dairy, NO grains–just fruit, spices, and nuts). And I wanted *more*. 

Right now, I am content to stick with Apple Pie, but I’m starting to drool over some of those other flavors; Key Lime Pie and Ginger Snap, to be exact.

In Texas, Sunharvest and HEB carry them. Beyond Texas, I wouldn’t know, but I think you’d probably be safe to start searching in your local health food store… and then also, they’re on the internet.

If you decide to try them, I would urge you not to just take my word for it, but read each ingredient carefully and compare it to the dos and don’ts of the SCD. This snackbar is not allowed for beginners, but it’s something to look forward to, isn’t it?

Bon Appetit! 😉

(I entered this post in Slightly Indulgent Tuesday 5/18/10)


11 thoughts on “LARABAR, anyone? Oooh, Yes…

  1. We’ve been eating gluten and dairy free for about 6 weeks now. We discovered Larabars about 2 weeks in to the diet. They are super yummy!! Kroger also carries them in their healthy section and sometimes they are on sale there. Great recommendation. Thanks!

  2. Great post! I help run the LARABAR Blog, and I just made you our Fan of the Day!! Also, I have Crohn’s so I empathize with your situation. All my best


  3. I love LARAbars. My favorites are the pecan pie and the cherry pie. Oh…and banana bread. Tastes just like banana bread!

  4. I loved Larabars before I started SCD and was so happy to here they were still an option. I realize they are considered an advanced food in the diet but I’m three months in and was out and about. I picked one up since I didn’t bring enough snacks to keep myself from feeling hungry. I ate the cherry pie one and had absolutly no UC symptoms after. I was super happy and will be taking them on trips with me from now on as a backup snack.

  5. Aren’t these great. So few ingredients, yet they taste just like their flavor. I like peanut butter cookie, peanut butter and jelly, cashew cookie, cinnamon roll, and pistachio. Yummy!

  6. THey do taste good , a little too sweet.
    but when am feeling sooo hungry and forgot, or ate up what else brought with, tried one and got worse since trying to rid candida. Trying to make my own substitute to bring with that not quite so sweet, but feeds me. Added extra cinnamon, since that is antimicrobial (and TASTeS good).Made a toasted pecan/papaya. Will try a walnut/apricot today.

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