Cheaters Beware

The wedding celebration my family and I participated in was a huge success. The bride and groom were so pleased with the decorations, the way the tables were situated, and the abundance of fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, and desserts we and members of our church came up with.

The desserts were my downfall.

Since I’d volunteered to be the wedding photographer, I thought I wouldn’t be tempted by the petit fours, the cookies, the cream puffs, and the bride’s and groom’s cakes. “Oh,” I said to myself, “I’ll be too distracted to notice.”


I first indulged in a petit four, a pretty pink one my friend had made, with a mouth-watering purple flower on top. It was incredible. I vowed it would be my only “cheat.”

Well, a little while later, I meandered in the kitchen to see some chips of frosting (from the petit fours) just sitting there in a container. I picked on the frosting. More than once.

I went back into the reception hall. The wedding cake was being cut. I swiped some icing off the empty platter. It was So. Good.

Later, I “forced” my sister to take a slice of wedding cake so that I could taste the cake and icing together. Then, before the groom’s cake (chocolate on chocolate) was whisked away, I scooped up a finger-full.

Realizing that I was about to run amok, I made myself leave the kitchen during clean-up. But that didn’t stop me from getting another taste of that groom’s cake at our church lunch the next day.

My point is that even though you may think a little “cheat” here and there isn’t going to bother you, it can mess you up in the long run. I know from experience that letting myself indulge in illegal foods gives me a false sense of security. “One bite won’t hurt” turns into two bites, three bites, and so on.  Illegal foods can have an accumulative effect on your intestines, and it may take a while before the damage is felt. I’ve cheated before on a long-term basis, and six months later, I paid the consequences.

While I didn’t get sick this weekend, I regretted my weakness, and I’m still trying to tame the need for more sugar. Don’t anybody let me loose in a candy store, please.


4 thoughts on “Cheaters Beware

  1. Good for you for fessing up about your cheat – so many on a restricted diet won’t even confess! I won’t get all preachy-preachy, because I’m sure you’re already beating yourself up enough, but you’re right – those little cheats can mess you up in the long run. Have you seen Shirley @ gfe’s post about it? I totally understand about the temptation though. I don’t find the dietary restrictions hard at home – as I get better in the kitchen, I figure out ways to make delicious things so I can eat them. But when I’m out? Oh, how much I long for some of the delicious things I can’t have! I haven’t cheated on the diet willingly – but that’s most likely because I know how much it hurts (for days and days!) when I accidentally get just a touch of gluten. But I get the temptation thing, and the sugar thing (cause I’m still eating it) is SO addicting – once you have a little, your body craves it. It’s crazy. To tide yourself over, you might try making some gluten and sugar free “treats”. Can you have dates and nuts? Amy over at has some delicious treats – there are some carrot cake bites on her blog that I made last night, and they’re delicious. Just enough sweetness to satisfy that craving. Take it easy, take care of yourself, and get back on that road to healing. 🙂

  2. The sugar beast is a hard one for me to keep caged as well. I have no problem staying away from gluten, but I still give in to sugar sometimes, then there goes my energy and I have that tinge in my joints and muscles. It’s amazing how hard it is! Ever since learning about diet, that part in the bible when Adam and Eve eat what they were not suppose to makes so much sense. Think about it…that’s where it all goes wrong! I think the message about eating the wrong things was such a dire warning…and yet I still get tempted to cheat!

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