When Denise Isn’t Cooking or Snapping Pictures…

…She’s sewing! (Or procrastinating to sew…) 

I made this dress last year, when I went through my Audrey Hepburn craze… Sabrina inspired the notion. 


 Gowns for the many southern heritage balls my sister and I have attended… And yes, we wore hoop skirts… 


And my next project (to be completed by July–if I don’t procrastinate, that is…):


I love all three of these dresses (though I’d have to say my favorite is the black one). The one I plan to sew is the yellow. It’s perfect for swing dancing.


3 thoughts on “When Denise Isn’t Cooking or Snapping Pictures…

  1. I’m impressed. While I have my grandmother’s Singer, and I know how to fix a hem, sew a button back on, and basically survive without having to take things to the cleaners to be repaired, I have no patience or skill for such lovely things like you do! These dresses are great.

    • They’re simple, really, though they don’t look it. And you wouldn’t believe the masses of tangled threads inside some of them… I could never be a professional, that’s for sure.

  2. Beautiful! My girls would love them. I made my girls pioneer dresses (they love that time period)!

    I much prefer the styles of days past myself! Love the Butterick pattern!

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