Coming Soon: “Recipe Remedies”

Have you ever wanted to “fix” gluten, grain, sugar, or starch recipes, but didn’t have the time to experiment? Never fear! I can do it for you. Within the next couple of weeks, I will be starting a new series called “Recipe Remedies.” From the simple to the complex, I will be taking recipes from my ample collection and fixing them for your gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, and starch-free needs!

Tell me what you think! Your feedback is very much appreciated as I begin this new project.

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Happy cooking, everybody!


13 thoughts on “Coming Soon: “Recipe Remedies”

  1. Sounds great. Always interested in new recipes on the SCD. Can’t eat most of them at the moment as my SCD is pretty restricted but hopefully i’ll be on full SCD soon enough!

  2. Hi Denise 🙂

    Thanks for your comment on the daily delights. I too have struggled with food stuff and found the recipe remedies to be life savers. I read your about page and loved the faith you are using to help you eat. When I was a sophmore in college i learned about some of my food problems and it took years, but eventually, I could feel my faith helping me know what to eat and what not to…just by looking at the food when out at parties and such. Over the past 8 months I’ve been undergoing allergy eliminating treatments and have been gradually healing. All the best to you on your journey! luv, trina

    • So far, I’ve really enjoyed doing this series. It’s encouraged me to branch out and try new things! I get my recipes from practically everywhere–I haven’t asked for recipes yet, but thanks for the thought! Perhaps I shall, eventually. 😀

  3. Hi Denise. What an exciting journey you are on! Thanks for all you are doing to help make life a bit easier for all of us digestively challenged. I am looking forward to trying some of your recipes.

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