Exercise: Not Just For a Good-Lookin’ You

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Yes, yes, we know that. I exercise because I want to be healthy.” Good for you! That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.

Because exercise is especially important for those with gastrointestinal disorders. Whether you run on a treadmill or take a leisurely walk around your neighborhood, keeping in motion keeps the digestive tract awake, so to speak. As tough as it is sometimes—maybe you’re feeling sick, or too tired, or whatever—you need to do something. Many times my mother forced me outdoors, and I came back in refreshed and energized. And feeling GOOD!

Exercising—to put it as delicately as possible—gets everything moving in that area of your body. And keeping your intestines empty means less disease issues, at least for me. My symptoms have always been rather abnormal: constipation instead of diarrhea. Knowing that my food was “passing through” gave me confidence that I wasn’t going to have inflammation and pain. And having that confidence relieves stress.

If you like taking walks, try praying the whole time. Talking with God while I’m on my walks helps me to relax my whole body. Think about it. God is all around you. He’s walking right beside you. Do you ignore a walking companion? Hopefully not. Why not talk to Him, thank Him for His beautiful creation, marvel at the wonderful blessings in your life, and ask Him for wisdom as you take every day one step at a time? Your heart will feel happier when you’re done. And being happy will make your gut happy.


6 thoughts on “Exercise: Not Just For a Good-Lookin’ You

  1. Hi Denise,

    Re: your comment on my blog, I’m honestly not sure the coconut flour would work as well, since it absorbs so much more liquid than the other flours. But if you’re on the SCD, you couldn’t use my recipe in any case, as it contains millet and amaranth, both grains, and the SCD prohibits grain. There’s also no almond flour in my recipe–not sure what you were referring to there?

  2. Hi Denise!
    I would be glad to add you to my blog roll, although I have not been blogging lately 😉

    Your blog looks great so far! It’s funny that you left a comment on my blog right at the same time I have been considering trying the SCD again. I tried it before, but found I had terrible trouble with parts of it (diary being one example).

    I’ll look forward to stopping back by often. Oh, I have also homeschooled my kids. They are now 19, 17 and almost 14!

  3. What a lovely blog! Yes, walking is wonderful exercise! And so is talking with God or a friend while you do it. Walking was always my therapy, then I was not able to do it for over a year due to work hours. My health declined some too, and when I finally decided I would go from mostly SCD to all SCD to try to get healthy again(my son is all SCD), our work hours relaxed some. So now I’m going to try to be more commited, do everything for myself that I do for my son. So your blog will be a little inspiration for that. Thanks!

  4. You’re awesome Denise, just in case you weren’t told that yet today 😀 I bookmarked your blog a little bit ago (after you left a comment on my blog the first time) and I’m finally taking the time to read all your posts. Thank you so much for having your blog! I feel I relate to you like no one else.

    To keep from getting too ‘icky’ in the comment section, I’ll try and be brief (haha). I also struggle with the abnormal end of the digestion issues, like you. I just started jogging again now that the snow has melted here in PA(slight exaggeration :)) and I’m already feeling the difference.

    I too talk to God when I walk and run. I find that I look forward to jogging/walking just because I have a chance to reflect and really listen to what He has to say.

    I feel so blessed to have someone in the blogosphere that I can so readily relate to! I can’t wait to see what other things you have for us 🙂

    ~Aubree Cherie

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